Rockville Family Law Attorneys Recognized Statewide as a Trusted Resource for Families Dealing With Child Visitation Issues

Compassionate, competent representation during the most trying times

Child custody,  access, and visitation are among the most contentious aspects of divorce and separation. The process is stressful for children and parents, alike. As the premier family law firm serving Maryland suburbs and Washington D.C., Jo Benson Fogel, P.A. has long served as a trusted resource on custody and child visitation issues. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of divorce, the legal process, and the many ways in which this transition can impact children. This allows us to recommend  visitation and access schedules that maintain positive and consistent relationships between parents and children.

Helping you tailor a parenting plan to the needs of your children

Transitioning from one household to two during divorce can be stressful for children. As parents, having to divide the amount of time that you see your children is very difficult. Our child visitation attorneys have a rare appreciation for the fundamental principles that underlie a healthy parenting plan and visitation schedule:

  • Your child’s emotional needs and welfare are priority over all else
  • Access to and time spent with both parents is essential to your child’s healthy development and future welfare
  • Meaningful contact and visitation time is superior to superficial visits
  • Visitation should be as simple and normal as possible, to establish a sense of continuity before and after the divorce

During this transitional period, it is important to remember that your behavior has a significant influence on your children’s emotional adjustment. Having a caring, trusted legal advocate on your side helps you minimize the strain of separation on your family. The Rockville-based child visitation attorneys at Jo Benson Fogel leverage more than three decades of experience helping parents develop thoughtful and thorough parenting plans. We can help you, too.

A skilled, staunch advocate for your children’s best interests

While it is incredibly important for a child to have contact with both parents after divorce, some circumstances warrant a restriction on a parent’s visitation rights:

  • A history of intimate partner violence
  • Allegations of child abuse
  • Serious mental health issues
  • Alcohol or substance abuse

When the welfare of your child is potentially at issue, we aggressively advocate for a parenting plan that protects your child’s best interests. Our custody and visitation attorneys know how to collect the evidence necessary to support your position and advocate for your family in court.

Divorce order modifications that meet the changing circumstances of your life

As children grow older their needs evolve, which may impact the viability of the visitation schedule that you and the other parent established during divorce. When changing circumstances warrant a modification of this initial agreement, we can walk you through the process of approaching the court and securing an amended visitation agreement based on changed circumstances.

Do not leave visitation to chance. Enlist the help of our skilled Rockville child visitation attorneys today

Your children are the most important things in your life, and you can trust that we give child visitation and custody issues the priority they deserve. Contact us online or call (301) 468-2288 to discuss your case with an experienced Jo Benson Fogel, P.A. family law attorney.

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