Rockville Family Law Firm Assisting Clients Through Options for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution expertise benefitting individuals in Rockville, Silver Spring, Potomac, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, and neighboring cities

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes are becoming more and more popular as a means of resolving family law disputes. These techniques often have the benefit of being less adversarial than a trial. They also allow parties to play a greater role in dictating the terms of settlement. Participation in ADR processes, however, does not obviate the need for legal counsel.

The Rockville family law attorneys at Jo Benson Fogel, P.A. are highly skilled in representing clients in alternative dispute resolution processes. We walk you through your options, offer creative alternatives and help you select the process that is best-suited for your case and your family.

Trusted representatives during court-mandated and private mediation processes

Mediation is one of the most popular forms of ADR for divorce and family cases. In Maryland, most cases involving disputes over child custody and visitation are referred to mediation, and individuals can also elect to mediate issues pertaining to division of property and related issues. During mediation, an independent and neutral facilitator works to foster agreement between you and your spouse on disputed issues. The mediator does not serve as an advocate for either party, so it is important to have an attorney with you or advising you to serve that function. Our Rockville family law and ADR attorneys regularly represent clients in mediation, backed by decades of professional training and hands-on experience.

When is alternative dispute resolution appropriate?

While mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes can successfully facilitate settlement in many cases, there are some situations in which it may not be appropriate:

  • Where there is a history or allegations of domestic violence or intimidation
  • If child abuse has occurred or is alleged
  • When your spouse is being obstructive or is otherwise unwilling to put forth effort to reach agreement
  • Where there is significant financial disparity between you and your spouse
  • When a spouse refuses to provide necessary financial and personal information

It is important that you are honest with your attorney about any issues that might impact the suitability of mediation. Through in-depth discussions of your particular case, family situation, and legal goals, our Rockville ADR attorneys can assess whether mediation is appropriate for you.

Experience and training in alternative dispute resolution not found at the average family law firm

The firm’s divorce and family law attorneys possess extensive ADR expertise. Founder Jo Benson Fogel served as chair of the Maryland State Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution and she has participated in many professional ADR training programs. Our attorneys’ extensive mediation and ADR training, from both state and national professional organizations, benefits the firm’s statewide client base.

Call our Rockville family law attorneys for uniquely developed expertise in family law alternative dispute resolution

Our family law ADR team works with you to formulate a strategy for case resolution that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Contact us online or call (301) 468-2288 today to explore whether alternative dispute resolution is appropriate in your case.

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