Rockville Contested Estates Attorneys Offer Families Compassionate, Steadfast Legal Representation During Estate Litigation

The death of a friend or family member is traumatic. Unfortunately, estate administration can add greatly to this stress, especially if the estate is contested. The Rockville contested estate attorneys at Jo Benson Fogel, P.A. have more than three decades of in-court experience advocating for clients in estate litigation. If you are facing the daunting prospect of a contested estate, having an advocate on your side can make all the difference.

Early engagement poises our attorneys to best handle your contested estate dispute

When a loved one dies, his or her will must pass through probate. This process consists of complex rules and procedures, and extensive amounts of documentation, which can be difficult for non-attorneys to navigate. Although some estates pass through probate without serious issue, estate litigation may be part of the process for some area families.

If involved early in the estate administration process, our Rockville contested estate attorneys can identify issues that may give rise to estate litigation and help you anticipate the nature of those challenges. Waiting to consult an attorney can put important rights and your loved one’s estate at risk.

Sophisticated familiarity with will contests in contested estate litigation

One of the more common disputes giving rise to estate litigation concerns the validity of a will. A beneficiary or other person who is directly affected by the terms of a will can challenge the will on a number of grounds:

  • Fraud
  • Diminished mental capacity
  • Undue influence
  • Improper execution
  • Subsequently executed wills or codicils
  • Mistakes in the will

An experienced wills and estate litigation attorney can competently assess the strengths and weaknesses of a will contest. If you are looking to challenge the validity of a will or facing such a challenge, it is imperative that you contact a reputable attorney immediately. Strict timeframes govern these issues, and failure to act can result in a forfeiture of rights.

Skilled Maryland family law attorneys face estate litigation head-on

Any kind of litigation is complicated, and the emotionally charged nature of contested estate cases makes these issues particularly difficult. The Rockville-based contested estate attorneys at the law firm of Jo Benson Fogel ,P.A. have earned a reputation for being among the best and brightest family litigation attorneys in the state. Through difficult times, we are your consummate advocates, always seeking reasonable solutions.

Do not wait, contact our Rockville contested estate attorneys  today

The probate and estate administration process moves quickly. So as to not jeopardize key rights and responsibilities, it is essential that you enlist the help of an experienced estate litigation attorney as soon as possible. Call (301) 468-2288 or contact us online today.

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