Distinguished Rockville Divorce Order Modifications Attorneys Provide Ongoing Legal Support to Families

Ensuring your pre-divorce agreement is responsive to your needs and the needs of your family

In the months or years following a divorce, issues can arise surrounding the terms of the final divorce decree. Children’s needs evolve and employment circumstances change. In these instances, returning to court and amending the divorce order may seem onerous. With the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney, however, it is possible. The Rockville-based family law firm of Jo Benson Fogel, P.A. boasts a cadre of talented divorce order modifications attorneys who can help you bring the terms of your pre-divorce agreement in line with the reality of your current situation by further agreement or Court Order.

A forward-thinking focus to save you time and money in your divorce case

At Jo Benson Fogel, our strategy-oriented divorce attorneys handle each case with the goal of minimizing the need to seek a later modification from the court:

  • Fact-Checking Final Orders: Checking the accuracy of the information in a judge’s final order can go a long way in preventing mistakes and errors from being formalized contrary to the agreement. Our adept divorce and family law attorneys regularly catch and correct typos and incorrect details in final divorce decrees, saving clients substantial time and energy after the divorce.
  • Ensuring a Complete Understanding of the Agreement which becomes part of the Court’s Order: We work closely with you to make sure you fully understand the rights and responsibilities set out in the final divorce decree.

Trust us to secure a divorce order modification that reflects the developments in your life

Life circumstances can change quickly after divorce, and these changes often impact spousal support, custody, child support, and visitation. When an initial divorce agreement becomes unworkable, Maryland courts will consider modifying a final decree’s provisions if there has been a material change in circumstances. However, if you and your spouse do not agree to the proposed modifications, it may be necessary to present evidence and argue your case before a judge. With more than three decades of hands-on experience, our Rockville-based divorce order modifications attorneys work to obtain an amended agreement that makes the most sense given your situation.

Protecting the rights of vulnerable individuals in Montgomery, Prince Georges, and neighboring counties

It is not uncommon for some people to express a degree of dissatisfaction with the terms of their final divorce agreement. In some instances, however, the agreement is truly unfair and can be found  unfair by Maryland courts. Certain circumstances leading up to the entry of the final settlement can provide grounds for revisiting the settlement:

  • Fraud: When one spouse intentionally misstates, misrepresents, or conceals certain key facts when entering into the agreement, the other spouse may have grounds to invalidate it.
  • Duress: When a spouse is forced, coerced, or threatened to enter into a divorce agreement, the terms of the settlement may be subject to modification.
  • Diminished Mental Capacity: Where intoxication, mental illness, or some other factor has resulted in the diminished mental capacity of a spouse, the agreement that she or he enters into may not be enforceable.

There is a complex body of Maryland family and contract law governing the invalidation of divorce agreements, and there are tight timeframes after the initial decree is entered within which an order can be reconsidered. If you suspect your divorce agreement was entered into under unfair circumstances, it is imperative that you contact a knowledgeable divorce order modifications attorney immediately.

Contact our Rockville divorce order modifications attorneys today

If your final divorce decree has become unworkable, do not wait to explore a modification. Contact the Rockville divorce attorneys at Jo Benson Fogel, P.A. by phone at (301) 468-2288 or contact us online. We can help you secure a reasonable post-decree modification that better reflects your changed circumstances.

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