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The emotional trauma of divorce is compounded by the daunting task of assessing your legal rights and responsibilities relating to property, assets, children, and spousal support. Reaching agreement with your spouse on these issues can be an acrimonious process. Having a knowledgeable divorce attorney by your side facilitates a smoother process and ensures that you and your children are best positioned to move forward after the divorce. Families across Maryland and the Washington D.C. suburbs have relied on the reputable divorce attorneys at Jo Benson Fogel, P.A. for compassionate, skilled representation during divorce and beyond.

Rely on us to help you understand your options under Maryland divorce law

If you and your spouse are separating, there are a number of routes that you might take. In Maryland, a legal separation is sometimes called a Limited Divorce. Obtaining a Limited Divorce does not automatically lead to a final divorce, but it is possible through this process to temporarily resolve issues pertaining to custody, child support, and alimony.

Individuals wishing to obtain a final divorce must petition the court for an Absolute Divorce. There are specific grounds on which an Absolute Divorce can be obtained:

  • Separation for at least a year
  • Adultery
  • Desertion for at least a year
  • Imprisoned for a crime
  • Insanity
  • Cruelty of treatment
  • Excessively vicious conduct

Because it can be difficult to navigate the various procedures and accompanying legal requirements, it is wise to trust a dedicated divorce attorney to walk you through this process.

Steadfast representation during settlement negotiations and mediation

Often, the best-case scenario is to reach agreement with your spouse outside of the courtroom. Doing so can lessen the time and money you spend on the divorce, and potentially reduce the level of acrimony between you and your spouse. Reaching a settlement, however, does not mean that you must concede property, assets, or time with your children to which you are rightfully entitled. With more than three decades of collective experience negotiating divorce settlements and representing clients in mediation, our Rockville family law attorneys work tirelessly to secure a favorable final divorce agreement.

Prominent Rockville divorce and family law attorneys with renowned trial experience

While the vast majority of divorce cases settle out of court, there are exceptions. If one spouse disagrees with the alleged grounds for divorce or an agreement cannot be reached on certain issues, it may be necessary to take a divorce case to a merits trial. These trials hinge on the presentation of evidence, so it is important to be represented by a seasoned divorce attorney who frequently advocates on behalf of clients in court. Without an attorney, you risk jeopardizing important rights to property and the custody of your children.

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Divorce is difficult, but the legal process does not have to be. With the help of a proficient divorce attorney, you will be moving forward with your life in no time. Contact Jo Benson Fogel, P.A. and let our Rockville divorce attorneys get started on your case today. Call (301) 468-2288 or contact us online.

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