Acclaimed Rockville Family Law Attorneys Guide Families Through Complicated Guardianship Procedures

Exceptional guardianship know-how in a dedicated family law firm

During estate planning, many people focus only on financial and property matters, overlooking an important issue: care of loved ones. Provisions for guardianship are very important parts of a thorough estate plan. Whether you are looking to incorporate these terms into your estate plan or need to establish guardianship unexpectedly, the Rockville family law firm of Jo Benson Fogel, P.A. is a go-to resource for families in Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, and greater Maryland.

Helping you understand and navigate the maze of Maryland’s guardianship laws

A guardian has the legal authority to care for the person and property of one who lacks the requisite understanding or capacity to make responsible decisions on his or her behalf. The scope of a guardian’s appointment can include the dependent’s person and/or the dependent’s property. For example, a guardian may have the authority to:

  • Dictate the nature and scope of medical treatments
  • Make educational decisions
  • Direct the sale or transfer of property and assets
  • Manage finances
  • Decide housing and living situations

Serving as a guardian comes with great responsibility. Known for their in-depth familiarity with the statutory frameworks governing guardianship of minors and adults, our Rockville attorneys usher you through every stage of the guardianship process, fully explaining your rights and responsibilities. We assist you in being well-prepared for the task of serving as guardian to your loved one.

Estate planning attorneys anticipating your guardianship needs

Provisions for guardianship of a minor or dependent adult are important components of an estate plan. Our guardianship and wills attorneys ensure that your estate plan clearly reflects your wishes and intentions pertaining to your dependent family members. And, we go a step further and help you anticipate circumstances that may unfold in the future, providing your family with protections for unexpected events.

Committed representation in complex, contested guardianship cases

Unexpected situations can arise that necessitate the appointment of a guardian over a parent, sibling, niece/nephew, or other loved one. In some cases, establishing a guardianship can be a relatively uneventful, but complicated, court process, through which our guardianship attorneys manage the necessary paperwork and proof required to satisfy the court that the appointment is appropriate. It can be a very different experience, however, if guardianship is contested. These cases often require substantial evidence and testimony before a judge. An experienced family law attorney who routinely advocates for clients in Maryland courts can handle these contentious disputes.

Do not leave your guardianship case to chance. Contact our Rockville family law team today

With so much at stake, you should not go into these cases alone. If you are facing or anticipating a contested guardianship case, contact us online or call (301) 468-2288 right away. The Rockville-based law firm of Jo Benson Fogel, P.A. has an outstanding team of reputable guardianship attorneys. Put this recognized expertise to work on your guardianship case.

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